Saturday, October 24, 2015

Q&A With Head Coach David Quinn

Q -When the NTDP U18s visited last season, it was reported that they “loved BU’s style of play” What do you think they meant and why might they feel that way?
A- Hopefully the word spreads. That’s never a bad thing to have people say that, especially the national program, which is the age of players we’re recruiting. One of the things we stress is a puck-possession game. There are times you have to chip a puck in, but that’s not the way we want to play. We kick loose pucks in the neutral zone back to our defense so they can possess it and enter the zone with speed. A lot of teams will post a guy at the blue line and have him chip it in and go get it. That’s not how we want to play. We want to carry the puck into the offensive zone and attack with speed. We need our defensemen to be involved in the attack; so, it’s something we’re constantly stressing.

Q - Let’s look at the Terrier offense.  While there is much returning and incoming talent, BU has lost not just the two top scorers in the nation, but arguably the two most creative forwards from last season.  Do you expect to maintain the up-tempo, pressure offense that made BU such a dangerous offensive team last season—both at even strength and on the power play?
A-If you’re going to create offense, you need to have all five guys involved. Our approach isn’t going to change despite losing three guys who produced offense. We’re really happy with our returning core and feel the freshmen will be able to contribute offensively. On our D corps, they’re all puck-moving defensemen who make good decisions and good plays. That’s how we’ll create offense. In the two exhibitions and regular-season games, we scored four goals three times. If we keep doing that, I like our chances.

Q -What are you and the assistant coaches doing to turn the page on last year’s extremely successful season while retaining the systems that were so effective as well as the team’s swagger?
A- We don’t talk that much about last year. Every team has its own personality and identity, no matter how many guys are returning. Our returning guys learned a lot about what it takes to be successful, especially those who were here for the difficult year before. The seniors have experienced a bit of everything: just missing the national tournament, then having a down year and last year nearly having the ultimate experience of winning a national championship. To have the kind of year we want, you have to have talent, which we do. And you have to have team chemistry, have resilience and mental toughness and not be selfish. We’ll find out during the next few months if we have all those things.

Q -With last year’s four freshman defensemen having a year of experience, including pressure-filled post-season games under their belts, what improvements do you expect to see on both sides of the puck from each of them?
A-They’ll be more comfortable and there is an expectation that they’ll all improve. Everyone talks about our offense last year but our defense had much to do with that. We didn’t spend a lot of time in our own end. We transitioned well and now, with those guys being a bit bigger, stronger and faster, hopefully they’ll continue to make great decisions. Sometimes at this level, a guy takes a step back before taking a step forward; hopefully, we won’t go through that.

Q -You’ve gone on the record as preferring that one goalie take control of the top job rather than employ a rotation. Given that Sean Maguire is returning after taking a medical redshirt last season and Connor Lacouvee’s limited experience, do you see one of them seizing the starting spot?
A-I’d prefer that it be one guy, but if you’ve got two, I’m not opposed to rotating. If both are playing really well, you keep playing both. We have two really good goalies and they’ll both have an opportunity to seize the job. Time will tell.

Q -Your coaching staff has undergone changes, too. How will Scott Young’s role as a coach differ from what Steve Greeley did and what does Chris Dyment bring?
A-Scott is sliding into the role Albie played before he stepped up as associate head coach. One of the things we’re fortunate to have is two guys who love to coach and recruit. Scott has recruiting experience at St. Mark’s and he’ll be a valuable on-ice addition to the staff. Chris has paid his dues, coaching at the junior level, where you’re also the general manager, the equipment manager, even the skate sharpener—a lot of different hats. He was a great player here, he’s well respected and he’ll be a great asset to the program and to me.

Q - What are three keys to a highly successful season that would put BU back in the Garden next March and back in the NCAA tournament? With his NHL track record, he’ll definitely be a positive influence on our players.
A- Number one, you have to remain healthy. Number two is having a strong work ethic. College hockey is so competitive that you must be ready to play hard night in and night out.  And three, you need to have a true team with guys committed to the cause. We’re at a level where everyone aspires to play in the NHL and fortunately we have players who have the ability to do that or have the possibility to do that. But in the process, they must be committed to BU hockey and our team concept. We had that last year. In any college level sport, when you’re playing for the team, you have a much better chance of success. Those are the ingredients needed to have the kind of season we’re capable of having.

Q –Which returning player is going to surprise Terrier fans, if not his coach, by taking his game to a higher level?
A bunch of guys pop into my head; but I’ll say Matt Lane, who already is off to a great start. He’s a guy who might surprise people because he has really good offensive ability and, going into his senior year, he’ll have more opportunities to be productive.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

2015-16 Game Highlights

Oct. 3    BU 4 Acadia 2 (exhibition)
Oct. 10  Union 5 BU 3
Oct. 16  NTDP U18s 7 BU 4 (exhibition)
Oct. 17  BU 4 Wisconsin 1
Oct. 24  BU 4 Connecticut 2
Oct. 27  Connecticut 5 BU 2 (UConn goals only) BU: O'Regan, Phelps
Oct. 30  Merrimack 4 BU 3
Oct. 31  BU 5 Denver 4 OT  
Nov. 6   BU 5 Northeastern 4
Nov. 7   BU 4 Northeastern 1
Nov. 13 BU 1 Providence 1 OT
Nov. 14 BU 3 Providence 3 OT 
Nov. 20 BU 3 Michigan 2   Extended NESN highlights 
Nov. 21 Michigan 4 BU 2
Nov. 24 BU 3 Bentley 0
Nov. 28 BU 3 Cornell 3 OT (BU wins shootout, 3-2)   
Dec.4    Vermont 4 BU 2
Dec. 5   BU 5 Vermont 3 
Dec. 11 Yale 3 BU 2  (Full Game Video)
Dec. 12 BU 4 Quinnipiac 1  
Jan. 7   BU 6 Harvard 5  (Full Game Video)  
Jan. 9   BU 7 UMass 2 
Jan. 15 BC 5 BU 3
Jan. 16 BU 1 BC 1 OT
Jan. 22 BU 5 Maine 2 (BU goals)
Jan. 23 BU 6 Maine 1  
Jan. 29 BU 4 Merrimack 0 
Feb. 1   BU 3 Northeastern 1 (Beanpot)
Feb. 5   BU 6 Massachusetts 3
Fab. 8   BC 1 BU 0 OT (Beanpot)
Feb. 12 BU 2 Lowell 1 OT
Feb. 13 Lowell 6 BU 3
Feb. 19 BU 3 New Hampshire 3 OT
Feb. 20 BU 3 New Hampshire 2
Feb. 26 BU 3 Notre Dame 2
Feb. 27 Notre Dame 1 BU 0
Mar. 4   BU 2 UMass 1 OT   
Mar.5    BU 5 UMass 4 

Friday, October 2, 2015

Terrier TV Men's Ice Hockey Package Schedule

Terrier TV Men's Ice Hockey Package Schedule   
Click to Watch
vs. Acadia
4:00PM - ET
vs. U.S. Under-18 Team
7:30PM - ET
vs. Wisconsin
7:00PM - ET
vs. UConn
4:00PM - ET
at UConn
7:05PM - ET
vs. Denver
4:00PM - ET
vs. Northeastern
7:30PM - ET
vs. Providence
4:00PM - ET
vs. Michigan
4:00PM - ET
vs. Bentley
7:00PM - ET
vs. Vermont
7:30PM - ET
vs. Vermont
4:00PM - ET
vs. Massachusetts
7:00PM - ET
vs. Boston College
7:00PM - ET
vs. Maine
7:00PM - ET
vs. Merrimack
7:30PM - ET
vs. UMass Lowell
7:30PM - ET
vs. New Hampshire
7:00PM - ET

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Q&A with 2015-16 Assistant Captains Danny O'Regan and Matt Lane

Danny O’Regan 

Q—After your standout season last year, there was much conjecture among BU fans about whether you’d turn pro or return for your senior year. What factors convinced you to come back?
A— There were a lot of factors that convinced me to come back to BU. I wanted to finish school and get my degree, I wanted to spend another year with all of the great people here, and I wanted to develop more as a player and a person while winning a National Championship in the process.

Q—As the top returning point scorer, do you see your role in the offense changing or will it be the same as last season?
A— I feel like my role will be similar to last year as I will need to provide offense for the team in important situations. However, I do not feel any pressure individually, I am confident that our whole team can provide offense with all the talent and depth we have this year.

Q—The power play clicked at 26% overall and 28% in the conference with you and the four other top scorers recording more than half of their points with a man-advantage. Can we expect the same approach to power plays as last year or will there be new wrinkles to best utilize the talent on this year’s team?
A—Special teams are so important in this league and power plays can win games so we are hoping for the same success as last year. I think we will take the same approach as last year and no matter who ends up on each unit, they both will be loaded with talent.  It will just come down to whether or not we can execute.

Q—What aspects of your game are getting added attention as you prepare for the season?
A— I am always trying to improve my shot and my strength. As an “undersized” guy in the league, every pound matters and I have worked hard in the offseason to put on more weight for the season.

Q—Captain Matt Grzelcyk says he’s more of a leader by example than a vocal guy. What will you bring to the team’s leadership?
A—Both Matt Grzelcyk and Matt Lane are great leaders for this team and I think the three of us have a good balance of when to be vocal and when to lead by example. I like to keep things positive on the bench and in the locker room and I just try to give 100% every shift and hope it motivates my teammates to do the same.

Q—We always ask this in the annual Q&A: which returning player (or players) will surprise BU fans by taking his game to a higher level?
A—I think the entire sophomore class is going to be great this year. All of them now have a year of experience under their belts and have worked hard in the off season. I think they will all have big impacts on our team’s success.

Matt Lane

Q—You scored a number of critical goals last season especially during second semester and in the post-season tournaments.  With 167 points gone from last season’s forwards, do you expect your role in the offense will change?
A—Obviously as you get older and progress from year to year you take on more responsibility and I expect that for myself offensively. Along with everyone returning, which is a lot of guys, we will all have to elevate our game and chip in more to make up for lost players in order to have that same high-end offense.

Q—BU achieved tremendous success last season in even-strength situations by playing a puck possession/pressure defense game. Does the current team make-up lend itself to the same style of play?
A—Absolutely, we're going to play that fast-pace style game in and game out no matter who our opponent is. We like to develop a team identity of being fast and tough to play against and that won't change as our opponents change.

Q—Coach Quinn has emphasized the importance of face-offs for maintaining puck possession, especially when killing a penalty. How much attention does this part of the game receive in practice?
A—A lot of attention, little things like centers working on face-offs after and during practice and full team drills working on face-off assignments that we do are extremely important and highly stressed by Coach Quinn as we all know that so many goals are scored directly off of draws or shortly after maintaining possession.

Q—What aspects of your game are getting added attention as you prepare for the season?
A—For my game, I've been working on face-offs and continuing to work on being the best two-way center I can be. Reminding myself to use my speed in all three zones, and working on my shot day in and out because you can never spend too much time on shooting.

Q—Captain Matt Grzelcyk says he’s more of a leader by example than a vocal guy. What will you bring to the team’s leadership?
A—I feel that I bring a good balance of being a role model for always working hard as well as being a vocal guy and speaking up when it's necessary - whether it's during practice, a game, or in the weight room. But, for the most part, we feel that every guy on the team leads in their own way and last year’s captains along with everyone right down the line did a great job in the leadership department and was a huge piece of last year’s success.

QWe always ask this in the annual Q&A: which returning player (or players) will surprise BU fans by taking his game to a higher level?
A—Nikolas Olsson. He combines a ton of skill with being the most physical player in college hockey. We played together dating back to the U.S. National team and he's had injuries on and off. Last year he was healthy for the most part and if he can maintain that health this season, he’ll surprise a lot of people with his underrated ability to finish and his constant physical style.