Sunday, March 17, 2019

BU-Lowell Game 2: Terrier Takeaway

1.      from buoldtimer

 Actually, BU played well the first ten minutes of the game, despite being behind 1-0. They had good drive from their own end of the ice and had sustained possession in the UML d-zone. As is their habit, however, they failed to generate top notch scoring opportunities.

2.       However, the rapid-fire penalties to Krys, Fabbro and Curry ensured that the play would be in the BU end of the ice for several minutes. Curry’s penalty was awful given that BU was already on the PK, and occurred along the boards far from the BU net. UML made BU pay for their transgressions with a power play goal and another even strength goal five seconds after Curry’s penalty expired. 

3.       In the second period, BU used two power play goals and an extra attacker, delayed penalty goal to make the score 4 – 3. However, UML responded with goals twice shortly after BU PP strikes to prevent any sustained BU momentum.

4.       Farabee had three breakaways during the game. He had two on the same PK during the second period.  He scored on the second of these opportunities after intercepting a point to point pass at the BU blueline.

5.       Leading 5-4 entering the third period, UML scored 1:07 into the third period when Nick Master was left unguarded outside the BU crease to backhand in a cross-ice pass. From that point on, UML took control of the game, keeping BU away from the slot and the front of the net, and making sure BU’s shots were from the periphery.

6.       Bobo Carpenter took a vicious hit with seven seconds remaining in the game. He needed assistance on the way to the locker room.

7.       UML scored six goals on twenty-five shots. Oettinger appeared to be screened on the first UML goal, a long shot from just inside the blueline. The second goal was a point blank shot from the bottom of the faceoff circle. The fourth goal was a breakaway, and the sixth goal was a shot off a cross ice pass to an unguarded UML forward. Oettinger appeared to have a clear view on the third shot from the top of the faceoff circle. He was faked out of position on the fifth UML goal.

8.       Overall, there were too many instances of terrible coverage by BU in their d-zone. During the first two periods, BU was left chasing UML forwards as they free wheeled in the BU end of the ice.

9.       On BU’s extra attacker goal, it appeared that they got away with too many men on the ice. A BU forward jumped on to ice and BU had six skaters in the UML d-zone while Oettinger was still skating to the BU bench.

Sunday, March 3, 2019

Defkit's Terrier Takeaway (3/2 vs. Merrimack)

- Overall a very entertaining game. Nice to see some offensive production for the first time in a while. Even though BU was outshot, they looked like the better team for most of the game, certainly for the last two periods. They got a little luck on the Fabbro goal (deflected) and the second Krys goal (just a poor save attempt, Pantano was pulled right after it), but the other three goals were things of beauty.

- Is Prawdzik definitely leaving, even though he has another year of eligibility? Maybe doing the graduate transfer thing? Nice to see Albie put him in there for the last half of the third period.

- Nice to see Fabbro rack up some points. With Makar and Davies in the conference, it could be tough to crack 1st team HE, but he would be a slam dunk for it in most other years.

- Thought Willman had a great game - good speed and puck pursuit.

- Of course, Farabee put the exclamation point on it with that beautiful individual effort, which I presume everyone has seen by now. What I liked most was that it came right after another failed attempt on the PP to do the drop pass in the neutral zone (seems to fail 70% of the time). When Farabee circled up the ice, he faked one of those drop passes, and then just decided to take it all the way.

- Oettinger had another great night. He is clearly in a zone - hopefully he can carry us on his back for a little while longer.

- Switzer had a tough (likely) last game. Was beat for a breakaway and took a couple penalties when the game was still close. Also partially whiffed on a one-timer.

- Lots of penalties. Even my wife knew we were in for a lot of special teams play when she saw Gravellese out there skating warmups.