Saturday, August 15, 2009

AHR Scouting Reports: Cason Hohmann

Name: Cason Hohmann
Pos: Forward
DOB: January 10, 1993
Height: 5-8Weight: 165
Hometown: Arlington, TX
NCAA Status: Boston University 2011-12
2008-09 Team: Compuware U-16
2009-10 Team: Cedar Rapids-USHL
NHL Draft Eligible: 2011
AHR Rating: BBB

Scouted on June 27-29, 2009 @ 2009 USA Select 16 Festival
Notes: Played very well highlighting his super fast skating and terrific hands. He was always bringing the puck up ice and making plays with great work in tight and crisp passes. He is an exciting player to watch who has excellent skills. The only knock is his size at 5-8/165 he can get pushed around, but he is so elusive on the ice he doesn't get hit much. Our fear is if he does go to the WHL, which we hear he may want to, that a much better skating group of players will tag him up a few times. Not sure why he wasn't offered a spot right away for the NTDP? A high end player who would be a great NCAA playmaker. AHR Rating: BBB

Scouted on Nov. 15-16, 2008 @ 2008 MWEHL Minor Showcase
Notes: Another great performance from this dynamic player. He is a great fore checker who causes many turnovers and in turn scoring chances. His hands are great as well, whether in tight or in open ice he can do just about anything he wants with the puck. He does lack size but has super fast skating and sees where the play is going before it happens. Despite how much we love him we think he will be a good college player and that’s it as for right now. Should be invited to the US NTDP camp next spring. AHR Rating: BBB

Scouted on October 31, 2008 @ 2008 Nike/Bauer Invite
Notes: Super talented small spitfire. He has super great hands, able to make a play in tight or undress a defender at will. couple his hands with his extreme speed and you have a high end player. He is an excellent skater who can be at full speed in just a couple strides. He forechecks very well causing turnovers. He is not afraid to go to net, whether he will do that against much bigger players is yet to be seen. His size is a bit of a liability as he was knocked off the puck despite being pretty strong on his skates. Portland grabbed his rights in the WHL last spring.AHR Rating: BBB

Scouted on Aug 3-8, 2008 @ 2008 USA Select 15 Festival
Notes: Looked very good every game. He has a ton of potential but seems a bit raw at times. He showed his speed and puck skills by skating end to end many times on breakaways. He seems comfortable in any situation and can shot the puck very well. Was the second American taken in the 2008 WHL Bantam Draft by Portland. Going to play for Compuware Minor AAA next season. An NCAA prospect. AHR Rating: BBB

Scouted on Aug 3-8, 2008 @ 2008 USA Select 15 Festival
Another Scouts Notes: Can this kid fly? He is extremely good in all areas. He has a great stick and his explosive skating allows him to control the tempo of the game. He will play at a high level Division 1 program and beyond. AHR Rating: BBB

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